How to use Whatsapp Web QR code in PC

Whatsapp Web QR code

WhatsApp web QR Code is used in PC: we use it to run WhatsApp on PC This does not require us to install WhatsApp on our PC. We just scan WhatsApp web QR code in one click and our WhatsApp starts running in our PC.

Why do we need WhatsApp web QR code

Many times it happens that we are in our office or class room but there we do not have permission to use our smartphone, only there we can use desktop. And in such a situation, we are unable to use WhatsApp in our smartphone.

In this situation, we can use WhatsApp web QR code and use WhatsApp easily in our PC. For all the features of WhatsApp that we can use in the desktop, we will not have to use our smartphone again and again.

how to start using QR code

  • You have to open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.
WhatsApp web QR code
  • On WhatsApp you will see three dot at the top, you have to click on it.
whatsapp web qr code
  • Then you will see an option of WhatsApp web, you have to click on it
WhatsApp web QR code

you will get your QR code, you only have to scan it and your WhatsApp will be turned on in your PC.

We hope that you have understood how to use WhatsApp in your PC. But if you did not understand how to tell us, then you must see the video below, you will know how to use WhatsApp web in your PC.

So now you watch this video and you will soon understand how to use it, this short video will teach you to use the whole WhatsApp web.

How to logout Whatsapp web from our PC

Now you have to pay attention that when you use your WhatsApp desktop, then it is necessary to logout after using it, if you do not do this then you may be in big trouble.

This can cause you a lot of damage such as your WhatsApp account will be able to be used easily by any unknown person and they can do anything from it, there is also the risk of hacking your WhatsApp account and you can have many such problems.

If so, our advice is that if you logout after using it, then let’s talk about the process of how to logout a WhatsApp account.

You can log out of it in 2 ways, if you want, you can also log out from your smartphone or you can also logout from the desktop in which you are using your WhatsApp app, But it is more secure to log out of the desktop, then we would say that you should log out of the desktop itself. It is more secure.

This is some step by which you can easily logout the WhatsApp web

  • First of all you will see the three dot icon at the top of your WhatsApp web.
WhatsApp web QR code
  • Now you have to click on the three dot icon.
WhatsApp web QR code

Now in that menu you will see the last option of logout, you have to click there.

With this process your WhatsApp web will be logged out easily or there is a very simple and convenient solution but you can also do it from your smart phone. This is another way, so let us tell you.

You have to first click on the three dot icon in your smartphone. As soon as you click there, some options will go in front of you. You have to click on WhatsApp web.

You have to click on that WhatsApp web and you will have the option to logout, you have to click there and your WhatsApp account will be successfully logged out from your PC. This is the safest and easiest way, you can also use it.

How to use whatsapp web in iphone

In Apple’s mobile too, you can use WhatsApp web QR code in the same way, maybe some function is up and down but the method will be exactly the same, then you need to apply a little mind and you will be able to use that feature.

If you still do not understand and you want that the way has been described for Android mobile, in the same way an easy way can be told for iPhone mobile, then in the comment below, we can tell you the complete detail for you I will write a blog so that you understand that the iPhone, How to use whatsapp web QR code

Whatsapp web not working how to fix it

Many times it happens that we learn what we want to learn but sometimes there are some problems in it, in the same way if you have learned to use whatsapp-web,

then one of the biggest problems that you will have in the future If you have to face it, then let us know its solution too.

  • If your WhatsApp is repeatedly disconnected from your PC, in such a situation, you must check your internet once. This is the biggest problem, we do not know and continue to face this problem.
  • If you are still having problems, then log out your WhatsApp from your pc and then login again, this way your WhatsApp will work in your pc smoothly.
  • And if all of these, your WhatsApp web is not working properly, then you clear the cache data of your phone’s WhatsApp application and then reconnect, then your WhatsApp will run correctly

Know full form of QR Code

QR Code is the full form of Quick Response Code, Wherever Quick Response Code is used, we can complete that task in a few minutes, hence its name is Quick Response Code. and the latest example of this will be known when you use WhatsApp Web.

If you have read our blog here, then in the comment you will definitely tell us how you liked our blog, We will keep bringing you such important information.

We hope that everyone will know about WhatsApp web QR code very well now and if you still face any problem then in the comment below, we will definitely solve it.

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