Samsung company belongs to which country – History of Samsung Company in brief

Here you are going to know which country the Samsung company belongs to and who is its owner, if you talk about the Samsung company, then it is one of the oldest tech company in the world, samsung is the second largest tech company in the world after Apple, the world’s largest tech company, this company was started by Lee Byung-chul in 1938.

Samsung company belongs to which country
Samsung company belongs to which country

Samsung company history

You will be surprised to know that Samsung initially started the business of selling dry fish and noodles, when the company started getting success in this and it continued to move forward, it also tried its hand in the insurance and retail business and it was their success in this too, seeing that success Samsung entered the electronic business in 1969.

Samsung company belongs to which country

There is a lot of confusion among people about the Samsung company, samsung company belongs to which country, Samsung is a tech company, which was started in South Korea, it is a South Korean company, although this company has companies in many countries.

The Samsung company is headquartered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, all control of Samsung company is done from Seoul headquarters.

Who is the owner of samsung company

Samsung company was founded in South Korea in 1938. All credit goes to Lee Byung-chul who founded this company in 1938. Lee Byung-chul is considered the founder of the company, But now the company is owned by Samsung Group which has been divided into three parts.

The company contributes 17% to the GDP of South Korea, making it one of the largest companies in South Korea.

Lee Byung-chul was born on 12 February 1910, Lee Byung-chul has a significant contribution in this company but Lee Byung-chul died on 19 November 1987, after which the responsibility of taking care of this company fell on his family, now his family is running this company is.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Samsung company is chinese company?

As you just told that the Samsung company is a South Korean company, it is not a Chinese company. Many people are confused about where the company is from, so the direct and clear answer is that this company is from South Korea.

Who owns Samsung?

Samsung is currently controlled by Samsung Group.

Samsung company belongs to which country?

Samsung is a South Korean company that makes electronic products, which mainly makes TVs, fridges, washing machines, AC and smartphones, although it makes many more but mainly working on them. It is headquartered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

World’s largest mobile factory?

The world’s largest mobile factory has been set up in the city of Noida, India. The company has been set up by the world’s largest mobile manufacturer Samsung. It is spread over an entire 32 acres.

Samsung Customer Care Number

This number can be used to complain about any Samsung product, this is where you will get the right information and help?

Samsung mobile customer care number 24×7

If there is a problem with your Samsung mobile and it is not getting fixed, then you can call Samsung Support Care, this is a toll free number to call, Samsung support will give you the right advice when you call here. You will also be told what to do next.

Now you must have known that the company of which country is the Samsung company as well as who is its founder, when you started it, you would have come to know all this information.

Overall, you must have come to know Samsung company belongs to which country The purpose of this blog post was also that you could get accurate information about it.

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