Essay on the Wonders of Science in english 2020 for all class

Whenever you write an essay on the Wonders of Science, you have to keep in mind that this question may come to you in different forms, we tell you some examples such as.

essay on the Wonders of Science” or “science is a blessing or a curse” or “science is a good servant but a bad master

Essay on the Wonder of Science

Outlines of essay on the Wonders of Science

1. Introduction
2. Advantage of science
2. 1. Electricity
2. 2. Machine
2. 3. Agriculture
2. 4. Means of transport and communication
2.5. In the field of entertainment and education
2. 6. In the field of Medical
3. Disadvantages of science
4. Remdey
5. Conclusion


If we say that today’s era is the era of science then it would not be wrong to say so. Science has given us many important gifts with the help of which we are able to simplify our tasks.

Shakespear once wrote -: ” Nothing is good or bad in this world but thinking make it so”

This is also so true in the case of science. Science is neither a blessing nor a curse for us. It all depends on how you are using it. It has changed face of the world. It has given us power like to God.

Advantage of science

Talk about the miracle of science, science has given us many such gifts which are nothing less than a boon for us.

Advantages of science are following


Electricity is the greatest invention of science. It serves us in many ways. Scientific invention like Radio. TV. phone. camera. computer. mobile. refrigerator etc. Can not work without it. It light our houses.

Electricity is the most invaluable gift of science. It is almost impossible to do any work without electricity, so it is the most beautiful gift of science.


Machines are extra Limbs for us. The production of goods are are cheap. Good and quick. We can fly like birds. We can cross sea like fish. Radio and television entertain us and guns save our lives


We can take a lot of benefit in the field of agriculture with the help of of better seeds, better fertilizers and better irrigation facilities. Green Revolution and white revolution give us a a lot. All these think cannot be possible without help of science.

Means of transport and communication

Science has given us car, bus, train, steamer, ship and aeroplane to travel. We can travel thousands of miles in few hours with the help of phone and wireless. We can talk to anyone from any distance. All these thing make the world small.

Entertainment and Education

Science has created many things for our entertainment, such as smartphones, computers, television. It is a gift of science keeping in mind our entertainment facilities.

Computer has made education very easy, with the help of this, we can easily get information around the world. Computer is a good source of knowledge.

Medical field

Many medicines have been invented in the medical field.. Sometime a single dose of drugs ends our pain. A weeping child began to smile. Thees we see that science serves us like a good servant.

Disadvantages of science

Whenever a new machine is built, it is able to do the work of many people simultaneously, due to which many people have to leave their jobs. This increases the problem of unemployment.

Aeroplanes killes people when it crash. Factory, vehicles and other things have polluted the atmosphere. In today’s time it has become difficult to get naturally pure air and water.


By creating a healthy atmosphere we can keep the the threat of humanity under control.

All the threat of wars must be ended. Secondly by planting trees and otherways. We can keep our environment clean by which we will also be safe.


If the objects of science are used properly, it will bring prosperity in our life and if it is used wrongly then it will destroy life completely. Science has given us powers like God but still we are using it as children.

If science is used correctly, science is like an angel for us, its wrong use is like a monster for us.

The right use of science works to bring peace and prosperity for us, the wrong use of it brings disaster for us.

This is one of the best essay on the wonders of science that you can write in your exam and if you want, you can also change it according to your own. This will give you very good marks in the exam. This is the best essay on the Wonders of Science in 2020.

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