Essay On My Best Friend In English For Student Examination 500+ words

In this article how to write essay on my best friend. in short, just know that very few people are able to find a true and honest friend. If you have found your true friend then believe me it is very lucky. if you have read this essay well then you will learn to write essay above your best friend.

Essay On My Best Friend
Essay On My Best Friend

500 words essay on my best friend

My name is Rohit. I study in class eight and my best friend’s name is Rahul who is my partner studies in my class. We are both very good friends and we take care of each other very much. Rahul helps me all the time. We eat food together during school lunch time. He shares his lunch box with me and I also feed my lunch box.

Rahul and I have many similarities like Rahul loves learning new things and I too. we both love listening to songs and playing games too. We spend most of the time with each other, Rahul teaches me a lot of new things.

Rahul is very good at studies, he learns new things quickly, which he also gives me the benefit of and teaches me too. When Rahul learns something new, he first tells me.

My friend never shies away from helping anyone. It is a matter of one day when an old lady was shivering with cold, she took off her jacket without any hesitation and gave it to the lady. He never disappoints himself nor lets me be disappointed, this is his very good habit.

Rahul is very angry at me when I do something wrong, but when I do something good, he also

appreciates me. He stops me from doing the wrong thing and shows me the right path. When I get into a problem, he explains its solution and also helps me to get out of that problem. Me and Rahul love to play chess. We play chess in our holidays or in free time.

Rahul is a very good friend, besides me, he is liked by many people because of his personality and behavior. He plays together in my happiness and sorrow and never leaves me alone in sorrow but helps me. He is a very positive person because of his positivity also has a very positive effect on my life, which I get to see in my life as well.

We both set a goal for our future time and try to get it and Rahul helps me a lot in this task. We both have a lot of interest in science, due to which we like to learn new things related to science.

Rahul is more than my best friend, he is like my brother, both of us have spent many moments together which I will remember throughout my life, I will remember that he has supported me in all my happiness and sorrow.

He has always prevented me from going on the wrong path and has always shown the right path, because of his positive influence, I am a positive person, so we all have to be a positive friend in our lives, to show us the right path and support us.

He understands me very well, so our friendship is very strong and we are very happy with each other. Rahul is very calm and simple nature, I like it very much. I am very lucky to have found a good friend like Rahul.

Essay on my best friend how did you like this essay, if you want, you can use this essay in your exam as well.

My best friend paragraph for class 3, 4, 5 and 6 200 words

My friend is Mohit and we both study in class VIII. We both hang out and study together. Mohit and I are very good at reading and we help our classmates in their studies. My dear friend Mohit is an idealistic boy who respects the elders and lives with everyone, he takes great care of me.

He is very punctual. Our teachers also like Mohit very much. His behavior is full of respect for all. I share my words with Mohit and he gives me the right advice. He appreciates me in my good deeds and motivates me to move forward.

When I do homework and I have any difficulty in doing homework I seek his help and he never holds back from helping me and helps with my homework.

My best friend 10 lines in english for Class 1st, 2nd and 3rd

1. My best friend’s name is Amit.

2. He is very good at reading and writing.

3. All the teachers love my best friend.

4. We sit together in school and study.

5. My friend helps others and gives respect to elders.

6. We both have lunch together at school lunch time.

7. He is very famous among all my classmates.

8. We both play and study together.

9. My best friend takes care of me a lot.

10. I am very happy to find such a friend.

A good friend should be in everyone’s life to show him the right path, if he talks after the parents then it is that friendship that advises us to follow the right and wrong path, hope that you or the essay will be liked.

Essay on my best friend, how did you like this essay, we have written this essay in such a way that it will work in your exam as well and for younger children this essay has been written in a few lines.

Essay on my best friend, you will definitely share this essay with the children who come to write such essays in the exam, this will develop their creativity and they will learn to write even better essays.

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