What is admob vs adsense? 6 Alternative of AdMob vs AdSense

This post describes what is the difference between AdMob vs Adsense, how are they used and what are their options?

AdMob vs Adsense is such a topic in which people are very confused about what is the work of both, then in this post you will know what is the work of Adsense and Admob, how do they work and where are they used?

Talking about admob vs adsense, you should know that admob and adsense is both google’s advertising platform from where ads are shown to customers.

abmob vs adsense

Now let us explain the difference between Admob Vs Adsense, who is used for it and how it is used.

Difference in AdMob vs Adsense

Talking about adMob vs adsense, both of these work to show ads but they show ads on different platforms, both of them are controlled by Google because they are owned by Google.


abmob vs adsense

AdMob is specifically designed to display advertisements on Android applications. Its function is to show convenient advertising in Android apps. Most of the Android applications use AdMob.

Advertisement is shown in Android and iOS applications using AdMob. AdMob is used the most by Android app developers as it offers the chance to earn more money than the rest of the advertising platform. Its CPC is higher than the rest. Also its advertisements are user friendly.

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There are also many alternative to AdMob which works to show advertisements on Android applications, but so far no one has been able to compete well, that is why it is the favorite platform of Android developers.

If you talk about AdMob Alternative, then its biggest competitor is Facebook Ads which gives it a tough competition, but if these two are left, then there are many other competing platforms.

Here is the list of Top 6 AdMob alternative

It is capable of showing advertisements in Android applications and iOS applications.

Alternative Ads NetworksAble to show ads
1.StartAppAndroid / iOS
2.InMobiAndroid / iOS
3.Unity AdsAndroid / iOS
4.AdColonyAndroid / iOS
5.PubmaticAndroid / iOS
6.Media.netAndroid / iOS

This is the top 6 AdMob alternative which is used to show advertisements in most Android applications. Apart from this, there are many other options but I would advise you to use these as an option. It is better for you.

So you must have understood what is the use of AdMob in AdMob vs Adsense


abmob vs adsense1

Just as AdMob is used to show advertisements in the application, in the same way AdSense is used to show advertisements in YouTube videos, as well as it is also used to show advertisements in blog websites.

You may have noticed that there are many advertisements in the middle of YouTube videos, this ad is run by Google Adsense, whereby the owner of the YouTube channel gets 60% to 70% of that advertisement, the rest is kept by Google.

For the website too, it is followed by the terms and conditions and some part of the revenue is shared between the website owner and the rest of Google.

You must have understood where Google AdSense is used, simply put, it is used in websites or YouTube videos to show advertisements.

There are also some great advertising platforms for Adsense collision that you can see as an alternative to AdSense.

Here is the top 6 best AdSense alternative for Blog

Alternative to AdSense
2.Propeller Ads
3.Amazon Native Shopping Ads

How to apply for google adsense

If you also want to show ads on your website or YouTube videos using Google Adsense, then you have to take permission from Google Adsense for this, it depends entirely on which platform you want to get permission for.

Youtube monetization policy

If you want to earn money from YouTube then you must read the terms and conditions of YouTube. Here you have been clearly told that you must have 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube videos if you Once completed, your YouTube videos will be monetized.

But before being monetized, the YouTube channel and the video score of that channel will be reviewed by the team of Youtube. If your channel is passed in the review then it will get the permission for monetization, then you can earn money from YouTube

Website, Blog monetization policy

To earn more from the block it is necessary to take approval of Adsense, you can go with its alternative too, but Google Adsense is the best, its CPC is much higher than the rest of the advertising network.

To get Adsense approval on the blog, first of all you should post 15 to 20 quality posts on your website, make sure that the post should not be copy paste from anywhere.

It should be a unique post and also it should not promote any wrong thing in it. It should be completely positive, so that you will get AdSense approval easily.

How much does adsense pay per 1000 views and Traffic

Many times people also ask that if we get $ 1 or $ 100 on how much traffic will come to our YouTube videos or blogs, then keep in mind that the simple answer is that it is never fixed, it completely depends What kind of ads are being shown on your blog or YouTube videos and how much is their CPC, this calculation earns you

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is cpc?

CPC means Cost Per Click

What is admob app id?

When you open your account in AdMob, you are given a unique app ID for your application, which is only for your application. This app id is used to identify your application.

With the help of this account, you can show advertisements in your application, for this you are given a unique ad ID, with the help of which advertisements are shown in your application.

What is admob?

AdMob is a medium to display advertisements in the Android application, with the help of displaying high quality advertisements in the Android application, it is specially designed for the Android apps developer to earn money.

How to earn money from admob?

You can make money through AdMob by showing ads in your application.

what is adsense?

Through this you can earn money by showing advertisements in your online content.

Hopefully, you must have understood what the difference is in AdMob vs Adsense. If you have understood the difference between AdMob vs Adsense, then you will definitely share this post.

In particular, you must share this post to those people who do not know the difference between AdMob vs Adsense and they want to know which will help them.

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