Top 7 best web series on amazon prime india In 2020

Watch some of the best web series of Amazon Prime India. Well, in today’s time, there is so much stock of web series that we have been confused about which web series we should watch and which should not be seen, while solving this, we have brought some similar web series for you.

Best web series on amazon prime india
Best web series on amazon prime india

In today’s time, how popular the web series have become, you can guess from this that the big superstars of Bollywood are now working in the web series we have recommended you this web series, in which you will also get to see many big superstars.

We are going to tell you about some of the best web series, which is available on Amazon Prime India and also you can see their IMDb rating.

This web series that I am telling you, I have briefly explained what happens in that web series so that you can get an idea which web series you should or should not watch.

List of best web series on amazon prime india

Inside EdgeIMDB 8.0/10
Inside Edge 2IMDB 7.8/10
Made in heavenIMDB 8.3/10
Chacha Vidhayak Hain HumareIMDB 7.8/10
Hostel DazeIMDB 8.7/10
The Family ManIMDB 8.6/10
MirzapurIMDB 8.5/10
Rating of web series

Inside Edge: This web series is based on cricket, if you are a cricket lover, then you are going to like this web series in this web series, from cricket politics to match fixing, how it has a wrong effect on a player’s life. is. this web series exposes the inner things of the cricket world, which cannot reach these things to the common man.

Inside Edge best web series on amazon prime india

Inside Edge season 2: If you have not seen inside edge season 1, then definitely watch it because if you see it then you will understand that you are going to see a lot of twist about it in inside edge season 2, this story is also very exciting. There are many secrets to be revealed in this, many twists are going to be seen, which we did not expect.

Inside Edge season 2 best web series on amazon prime india In 2020

Made in heaven: In this web series, you are going to see Total 9 episodes. Made in Heaven is an event management company that does weddings, in this story you are going to see a different story for each of its characters. You are going to see a lot of drama in Made in Heaven.

Made in heaven best web series

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare: In this web series, you are going to see Total 8 episodes. If you are a fan of Zakir Khan and if you want to see the acting of Zakir Khan then you must definitely watch this web series, you will get to see a lot of comedy and drama in this web series.

this web series is very similar to our life, this story is about a local boy from Indore, you will see in it how the life of a common boy goes through struggle after watching this web series, you too will be waiting for its season 2.

Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

Hostel Daze : As the name of this web series looks right, this web series is based on the hostel after watching this web series you will remember your old hostel days you are going to see a lot of new actors in this web series One of the best web series of Amazon Prime india, It will be really fun after watching this web series.

Hostel Daze

The Family Man: If we ask you which web series is there to compete against Mirzapur and Sacred Games, the answer is The Family Man, In this web series, you are going to see a strong performance of Manoj Bajpai, every single dialogue of Manoj Bajpai and the story of this web series will not let you get bored even for a minute, the dialog of this web series makes this web series even better.

The Family Man

Mirzapur: We are talking about the best web series on Amazon Prime India, and it cannot be said that Mirzapur’s name does not come in it, In this web series, Pankaj Tripathi has given the best performance of his life, In this web series, from the real life to the politics, the world has been exposed, If you watch 1 episode of this web series then Believe it, you will watch all the episodes in 1 day and you will eagerly wait for its season 2.

Mirzapur India’s Best web series

We have told you all the web series so far, if you have not seen them, then we say you must watch it because it is a blast of a different level and best acting web series. All of this web series is Amazon Prime’s original web series, topped the list of the best web series on Amazon Prime india.

If you have seen all this web series, then you will definitely tell which of these is your favorite web series and we hope that you will like this whole web series told by us, all this web series is the highly rated web series of IMDB.

If you have never used Amazon Prime, then you can use it for 1 month for free, this is an official offer from Amazon, then we will say the same, if you have not used it yet, then definitely use it. And enjoy this web series

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