The best free proxy apps for Android

Proxy apps or VPN apps can use either of these, because the job of both of these is to give you a virtual privacy Proxy apps change your IP address and location and give you a virtual space.

But the thing to note is that there are many proxy apps which can also misuse our data, so we should avoid them, for this we are going to tell you some proxy apps which are trustworthy, these apps have received good ratings and reviews on the Google Play Store. Let us

Proxy apps

briefly tell you what are the proxy apps, what is their work?

Many times we want to use such a restricted website or something else on the internet, then for this we can use the proxy apps, through this we are able to use all those websites which are present on the internet, it is our Changes the IP address so that we can use that website.

If you still do not understand, then we explain to you by taking an example, this will make you very easy to understand so that you will understand about its use.

Understand in simple terms how it works

Suppose you live in usa and you have a Netflix account and Netflix has launched a new web series for India which can be watched only in India, apart from that you cannot watch it from any other country.

In such case, proxy apps are going to be useful for you, you can use it to view that web series, for this you have to select the network of India and then change your IP address to IP address of India.

We are going to tell you about some good and free proxy apps present on the play store, you can download any one of the below given list, it will be absolutely free.

List of top 5 free and fast proxy apps

  1. Turbo VPN- Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure Service
  2. Secure VPN – A high speed, ultra secure vpn
  3. Snap Master VPN unblock Proxy
  4. Snap Master VPN unblock Proxy
  5. Super VPN free VPN Client

proxy app download

To install these applications, you will see the install option below it, click on it and your application will be installed.

Turbo VPN- Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure Service

You can download the free version of this application from the Google Play Store, as well as the speed is going to be very good in it, we will get the server of the United States and the UK for free, for this we do not need to pay any charge.

In this, you have to click on the icon of that country to connect with any country and you will be connected to that country, that too in a single click, it is very easy, you do not need to do any more effort for this.

Secure VPNA high speed, ultra secure vpn

Talking about this proxy / VPN, it is less than 3 MB in size, and when it is less than 3 MB, it also means that it will be very lightweight and fast or will run smoothly in your phone.

You can use any free country you have given in this application, you will not need any extra permission for this, and in this you get connection time unlimited so that you can stay on any server for any length of time.

Snap Master VPN unblock Proxy app download

Like the rest of vpn, in this too you will get unlimited bandwith for free, in this too, you are going to get access to some country for free, so that you can see the things of that country, the website there and the videos there.

It is capable of working with 4G 3G WiFi and LTE all networks, With the help of this you can open any block website easily

Super VPN free VPN Client

In Super VPN you get 20 days free trial. In this free trial you can access the server of unlimited country and also get unlimited speed and bandwidth, After 20 days, if you want to use this application for free.

Then you will get free access to any one of its servers for 60 minutes, after which your server will be disconnected, then you connect to another server to use it further. Do it there, you will get 60 minutes. By doing this you can use it for a long time.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN

I am recommending you to Hotspot Shield VPN because this VPN has recently received the World’s Fastest VPN Award by Google Play Store and its review rating is also very positive.

You can access US content with it, as well as use international content.

So far, we have told you about all the proxy applications that are available for free on the Google Play Store and also their premium plans which you can use if you want, it is completely up to you.

Before downloading

It does not misuse your data, as well as before downloading these apps, you can also read their privacy policy so that you will be clear what this application does with your data.

Google play review

Also, if you want, you can also read the review of these applications, which is available on the Google Play Store, you will also get an idea of how this application is

Many proxy apps come and go after some time, so it is quite difficult to believe them, the top 5 free proxy apps we told you about have been on the Google Play Store for a long time and their ratings are also quite If you are good then you can use them freely.

If you think that we have an application that is very good even with these applications and we have forgotten to tell them, then you will definitely tell us in the comment section to help our users.

But keep in mind that any application that you will tell should be very good compared to these applications, they should also have more features than that, it should also be available for free.

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